Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super-Quick Black Beans & Rice w/ Avocado + Lime

I'm not what one might refer to as "pleasant" company when I'm really hungry.  Apparently this is an inherited trait.

Honestly, sometimes I get so wrapped up in whatever I'm doing that hours (and hours!) go by before I've eaten a single, solitary thing.  Then, suddenly, I'm famished.  Like so famished that I start picturing myself in one of those insanely guilt-inducing commercials about starving children in Africa.  You know the ones - where those doe-eyed children get like 10 grains of rice a day and have flies buzzing around their heads?  Flies!

Not good.  Which is why I thought I'd share my go-to solution for situations such as these, as a Public Service Announcement of sorts.  Ironically, the recipe involves rice.  It also involves canned beans, avocado, lime, and scallions.  What could be simpler?

Hopefully this will carry you straight past that dreaded hungry-angry phase with minimal effort.  And, if you're the kind of person whose temper isn't connected to his/her stomach, well...

Recipe: Super-Quick Black Beans & Rice w/ Avocado + Lime

1 (15oz) can black beans, undrained
a few shakes of ground cumin
1 c. cooked short-grain brown rice
1-2 scallions, rinsed clean
1/2 avocado
1/2 lime, juiced
optional: sriracha

1.) Pour undrained beans into a small saucepan & cook over medium heat.  Add a few shakes of ground cumin & allow to cook until heated thoroughly, stirring occasionally.
2.) Meanwhile, prepare the scallions by thinly slicing both the white & green parts.  Next, use a sharp knife to cube the avocado.  Set both toppings aside.
4.) In the microwave, reheat prepared rice in a microwave-safe dish.  
5.) Spoon rice into a bowl & top it with several scoops of black beans, including some of the bean's liquid.  Add avocado, scallions, & freshly-squeezed lime juice to the bowl.  Eat as is, or add some sriracha if you're feeling extra spicy.

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  1. What is this unpleasantness that you speak of when you're hungry? I won't hear it and I won't stand for it! hahaha This is the best PSA I ever tasted. good!

    1. Somehow, I had a hunch you'd understand exactly what I was talking about... Glad you appreciated the PSA, babe!

  2. What a lovely picture you always make my mouth water! Thanks I will try this eagerly....

  3. It's no fun being hangry. Love the addition of brown rice!
    Cheers from Instagram. :)


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