Friday, October 09, 2009

Check it Out: Chicago VeganMania!

Honestly, where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday that CH and I were planning our big Toronto trip, and I was searching for fantastic vegan restaurants to visit, and lots of cool sites to see. Back then, I was even brimming with lofty ideas about doing a mega-travel-post upon our return...

Yea, looks like that plan hasn't been realized yet. But, I do have an excuse, as any good blogger should.

You see, I have a job now, and it keeps me very busy. Well, a "sort of" job, which is what I call it since it's not like I'm getting paid or anything. (Although there is a possibility of that - if we win the case I'm working on, or it settles.) Until then, however, I must simply toil away, satisfied with the fact that I'm penny-less, but still continuing to follow a dream. (Never mind that my dream has slightly shifted away from working as a Public Defender, to successfully suing a particular city and the police officers who clearly violated our client's constitutional and civil rights, but I digress...)

Anyway, the real reason I'm publishing this post is to let all of you know about Chicago's VeganMania - a very cool-sounding vegan event that's taking place tomorrow, in the city. I heard about it a couple of weeks ago, and kept forgetting to post something (my sort-of job gets in the way of everything!), so I sincerely apologize for the late notice. However, I figured it's better late than never, so here's the info:

Chicago VeganMania takes place on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2009.
It will be held at the Pulaski Park Fieldhouse (1419 W. Blackhawk), from 10am - 5pm.
A variety of speakers and vegan-related companies are scheduled to attend, and there will be live music/entertainment as well. Furthermore - in what is perhaps the best reason to go - there will be 12 different vegan food vendors there, passing out samples!
Oh, and I've saved the best for last... this event is FREE!

Now, quick - hop on over to Chicago VeganMania's website and check out the details for yourself. And don't forget to send me an email/leave me a comment if you plan to be there, I'd love to say hello!


  1. Cool!!!! I lived outside of Chicago back in 1999. I loved Chicago.... lots of memories from when hubby and I were first dating!! Wish I could go to the Vegan event :(
    Report back on it!!! :D

  2. I LOVE that you take the time to research a place for vegan eats and fun before you go. I've never been to Chicago but I hear from everyone the food is AMAZING everywhere :)

  3. Good luck with your case! Veganmania sounds fun. We have something like that here though the only one I know of is vegetarian. Have you used tempeh yet? Mine is still in my freezer.

  4. Chicago VeganMania gives you a chance to sample great vegan food from a dozen different restaurants, watch a wide array of live music and dance, attend workshops and presentations from some of the nation’s leading vegan thinkers and doers, see the latest vegan fashion and the best vegan products and crafts, catch a vegan art show, learn Chicago’s hidden vegetarian history, watch a spectacular children’s procession, and so much more!


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