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Copyright Regulations for Content on Veggie Terrain

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What happens if you infringe on Veggie Terrain's copyright?

First: Upon discovery of the violation, proof of copyright infringement will be gathered and recorded. The individual(s) violating the copyright will then be notified of said infringement and given an opportunity to remove the offending content.

Note that JD of Veggie Terrain may exercise sole discretion regarding whether to allow the violator(s) to remedy said infringement by providing a credit link back to the specific article referenced, as discussed under the "Attribution" section of this notice.

Second: If the relevant material(s) is/are not remedied, removed, erased, deleted, or otherwise eradicated within 3 (three) business days from the time that notification of the copyright violation has been given, immediate legal action will be taken against the individual(s) engaging in the aforementioned infringement.

Third: If no action is taken by the violator(s) to remove all offending material(s) with in the 3 (three) day period, the copyright violation will be reported to the relevant web hosting company, blog hosting website, advertising networks, and on-line social networks, as well as ALL internet search engines, and all other appropriate web/media/commercial outlets, to the extent deemed necessary.

Veggie Terrain reserves all rights to the content on this blog.  While fair use is supported, the unauthorized use of any content herein is an actionable violation of any/all applicable U.S. copyright laws.

Please respect my work, just as I respect yours.  And remember, I'm a licensed attorney, so I'm more than willing and able to pursue legal action where necessary.