Saturday, January 05, 2008

Maple Corn Fritters

It's true - I've decided to try and get a little bit more organized for the new year. However, this "organization" - which despite taking place at the beginning of the year, and despite being something of a promise to myself - is NOT a resolution.

(You see, JD and resolutions don't get along all that well...)

So, whatever it's called, my goal includes:
  1. Cleaning up the study
    • (AKA: small room that CH and I delusionally call "The Study" to make our apartment sound bigger)
  2. Recycling my growing collection of magazines/newspapers
    • Of course, this includes saving/filing the good articles/recipes, too
  3. Organizing my blog postings
    • So far, this means instituting a weekly Saturday post for recipes that I've tried from other people's blogs
  4. Instituting my own "Pantry Challenge"
    • In other words: grocery shopping less/not at all for a period of time, yet to be determined
There you have it.

The best part is that my blog can potentially benefit from all of these things (uh...clearly #3), and it's safe to assume that my sanity can as well. Not only is organization is good for the mind/soul, but I find recycling things/throwing them out so damn therapeutic. Seriously.

Thus, on that very long-winded note, I present to you the first of my new "Saturday Veg Blog Recipes" postings - Maple Corn Fritters.

I found these tasty breakfast goodies on Joni's Just the Food blog. They immediately caught my eye because of the maple syrup and cornmeal combo. Plus, I already had all of the ingredients in my kitchen (or so I thought), and was looking forward to "drowning" them in syrup and Earth Balance butter.

Overall, the corn fritters were pretty good. They did stick to the pan a bit, and some of them were a little too thick to cook adequately in the middle, but that was probably my fault. Regardless of that, I enjoyed having such an indulgent breakfast - sopping up all of that butter and syrup was the best part!

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  1. Good luck with your organization! I'll be joining you in the pantry challenge. I cleaned mine out yesterday and was appalled at all the lost food I found hiding in there!


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