Saturday, December 29, 2007

Garden Ranch Pita

This pita sandwich is one of my go-to recipes for when I almost feel like having a salad, but not quite. I love it because it's scrumptious, healthy, and completely simple. I also like it because it's a great substrate for my homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing (VRD). Yum!

Recipe: Garden Ranch Pita
Unlike the typical recipes that I post, this one is really one of those "to taste" kinda dishes - as in "use as much of each ingredient as you'd like." As such, feel free to use whatever veggies you happen to have on hand, although I've found that the ones listed below work well...

To prepare the pita filling, start by chopping up some of your favorite veggies & tossing them together in a large bowl.

(Here, I used cherry tomatoes, yellow bell pepper, red onion, & red clover sprouts.)

Next, roughly chop up two kinds of lettuce (green- & red-leaf work great), & add it to your bowl.

Then, throw something crunchy into the mix. (I prefer sunflower seeds &
olive oil crutons.)

Finally, add a bit of VRD to the bowl, mix everything together, & transfer the filling into a whole wheat pita half or two.

Once you've stuffed the pitas, simply drizzle a couple of extra teaspoons of dressing on top of the filling, & that's all there is to it!

vegan stuffed pita


  1. I think I would eat almost anything as long as it were stuffed into a pita. Great quick & healthy lunch idea!

  2. Yummy!! Sounds great. I love love love ranch. I haven't had a lot of it since going vegan. I end up being lazy and using olive oil and vinager.


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