Monday, December 10, 2007

Gardner's Pie

I have a confession to make: Although I've been bookmarking and printing scrumptious looking recipes from my fellow bloggers for what seems like ages now, I haven't made nearly as many as I'd like.

Honestly, I think it has something to do with my ever-expanding cookbook collection, which is literally growing by the day. Part of me feels kind of guilty for spending so much of my non-disposable, non-existent income on the books, which I think I'm trying to alleviate by actually utilizing them.

Um, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Well, nothing except for the fact that I've also stockpiled a ridiculous number of recipes from all of you bloggers as well. So, instead of contributing to the destruction of yet another paper tree, I decided to prepare a recipe from the oodles that I've already collected.

Accordingly, I want to say "thanks" to dr. stonie for her terrific Gardner's Pie recipe! My only changes were to add an extra clove of garlic, plus some spinach and edamame, as I was short on green beans. And although my picture might not be as pretty or delicate-looking as hers is, my "pie" sure tasted great!

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  1. I do the same thing - bookmark hundreds of recipes, and then... But this gardner's pie looks perfect!


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