Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Olive Lover's Pizza

Since I've been on a bit of a roll regarding frequent posts lately, I figured I'd try to keep up with my newly acquired habit and post a quick one tonight.

And just so you know, the fact that I'm posting this at nearly 1am has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that my Estates and Trusts final is tomorrow. I mean, it's not like I've been staying up until nearly 5am to study for several days straight. Nope, not me...

Anyway, if pressed, I'd probably have to name pizza as my ultimate comfort food. And I, like almost everyone else, practically lived off of crappy "pizza" in college. (Don't blame me, it's not like there're a lot of pizza-making options when you live in a dorm.)

Fortunately, my standards completely changed after spending some time in Italy and subsequently obtaining an oven. Now it's a pretty rare sight to observe a crappy piece of pizza gracing my lips, thankyouverymuch.

In fact, CH and typically enjoy spending nights together creating delicious pies. And although we've been pretty successful with making our own dough, we decided to use a pre-made crust for the pizza pictured here. (We were having one of those "I need to eat RIGHT NOW!" kinda nights.)

Since the ingredients are pretty easy to discern, I won't bother listing them. However, here's one tip: always sprinkle the sauce with extra oregano and freshly minced garlic before (and after) adding your toppings - it makes a world of difference!
olive pizza


  1. YUM! I am a total olive lover but never thought to make an olive lovers pizza (it is now on my list for my next pizza!).

    And thanks for the ranch dressing. I love it too but all the recipes I've found all had tofu and I can't have soy. I can make this with cashew milk instead of soy and it sounds like it will be wonderful (sorry, I know that was about your previous post!)

  2. I think I could eat pizza 5 days a week. And I love black olives!

  3. I certainly am an olive lover. Especially kalamatas. Those don't even need a pizza to go under them!

    I've made vegan ranch before, though I used the other vegan mayo (I can't remember what it is called!) apparently that kind is not as good. I have never tried veganaise before.

    I love love love to dip radishes into my vegan ranch.

  4. I must be the only one to dislike olives! :)

    Other than that factor, your pizza looks delicious. It's also nice to meet someone on the internet who is only mostly vegan -- sometimes I feel left out of both the omnivore, vegetarian, and the vegan world!

  5. I've never been too keen on olives (you're not alone, Amy! ^^), but the pizza still looks quite scrumptious!!

    good luck on your final!! :0)

  6. I am a lover of pizza for sure, but unfortunately not olives....

  7. Yep, the more I read your blog, the more I'm convince we are taste twins. Olives? check. Sweet potatoes? check...


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