Saturday, September 01, 2007

The 800 lb. Gorilla in the Room

"Where do you get your protein from?"
Ah, the great Protein Question. It's a query that's put to all vegetarians/vegans at one time or another. It's a question that's often posited because people honestly want to learn. It's a question that can open people's eyes to a world of incredible food options.
It's also a question that's occasionally asked simply to challenge your authority.

Sensibly, it's a question that you may have even asked, yourself.

That's the thing about vegetarians and vegans - we tend to be a curious lot. Most of us have put a lot of thought into our decisions to forgo the consumption of animals. We've scoured the internet, checked out library books, read stacks of nutritional pamphlets, and devoured the scintilla of veg information made available through alternative sources. We've even learned how to cook (which is fun), how to substitute ingredients (which is healthier), and how to navigate through nutrition labels and restaurant menus alike (which can be tough).

Basically, we've done our homework.

That, however, does not mean that we've finished learning...

New studies supporting diets devoid of meat are being released on a regular basis, and more people are coming together to educate one another about the benefits of becoming compassionate consumers. Moreover, what we've known for quite a long time is that fruit and vegetable-based diets innately provide the proper tools for complete and balanced nutrition.

Oh, and we also know that vegetarian/vegan diets contain just the right amount of that "protein stuff," too.
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