Saturday, September 22, 2007

Vegetarian Food for Thought

I truly can't say enough great things about the vegetarian podcast that I've been (religiously) listening to for the past year or so...

It's called "Vegetarian Food for Thought," and it's geared towards vegetarians and vegans - old and new, alike. It's hosted by the affable Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, who is really well-versed in a wide variety of veg-related issues. Aside from hosting the podcast, Colleen also teaches vegetarian cooking and nutrition classes, which adds even more credibility to her comments and suggestions.

So, I like this podcast for several reasons. Chiefly, however, I love it because of the wealth of information that I take away from each episode. Even though I consider myself to be a pretty well-informed vegetarian, I always learn something new or gain a deeper understanding of a topic that I thought I was already an expert in - which is a great and humbling feeling.

As for the subject-matter of the podcast, it covers everything from how to address social/dining situations in which you're the only vegetarian, to the health implications of consuming animal products. It also deals with topics such as: vegetarian pets; being a "joyful vegan;" responding to questions about your veg lifestyle; and getting proper vitamins and nutrients from your diet.

The practical advice and sort of "camaraderie" that I feel while listening to each episode is really great. It's especially refreshing to feel validated in my choice to be a vegetarian, and to be reminded that I'm not the only one who has that occasional "caught off-guard" or "confused" feeling when someone I barely know reacts negatively toward that choice. Likewise, I really appreciate the fact that the podcast has given me the knowledge and encouragement to continue inching toward veganism...

Overall, "Vegetarian Food for Thought" is a great companion for anyone who is thinking about becoming a vegetarian, wants to transition to veganism, or is just plain curious about how to live a healthier lifestyle. It's also a fantastic resource for the parents/significant others of vegetarians/vegans as well.

FYI: You can find this podcast through the link below, or through Apple iTunes. The best part is that it's free to listen, download, and subscribe.

Listen here.


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  1. Wow - thank you for your very favorable review of the podcast. :) I'm so glad you're enjoying it and are getting so much out of it.

    We share similar likes and dislikes, but I gotta tell you, as my as I adore the Brits, I'm not a fan of Earl Grey tea. Give me Japanese Green, and I'm a happy camper. :)

    Take care!


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