Monday, November 08, 2010

VeganMoFo: My Fridge (1 Week In)

It seems as though the weekends will be filled with "Silent Saturdays" and "My Fridge" postings here at Veggie Terrain.

And although I feel bad for not publishing extravagant weekend posts, I'd feel even worse if I missed out on the opportunity to spend time with family and friends due to excessive posting angst.

As a result, I've decided to keep it simple on the weekends. Saturdays' posts will consist of a single picture that sums up my entire weekend. These will be titled - surprise, surprise - "Silent Saturday."

Sundays' posts will expose the dirty details of my fridge (and will be titled "My Fridge") since, for some reason, I thought it'd be interesting to capture the changes that take place in my refrigerator during VeganMoFo.

Speaking of that, how have your refrigerators changed so far this month? Have you found yourself shopping more or less? Eating more leftovers, or spicing it up a bit with new dishes every day? Or, are you already over-stocked with stuff, but finding yourself so enticed by other bloggers' food posts that you constantly wish you were shopping?

Do tell...


  1. that is a nice packed out fridge! :)

  2. Beautifully-stocked fridge! I agree; time with family way trumps excessive posting angst!

  3. Your fridge is a lot neater than mine. Mine is always a mess, either it's jam packed or empty. :-)

  4. That's a neat fridge. It looks like from a commercial. Lovely!


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