Monday, December 06, 2010

Vegan Pizza Obsession: Classic Slice Pizza, Milwaukee

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Cheese-less pizza is SO MUCH better than pizza with cheese!  No really, I'm being serious...

Don't roll your eyes - it is so true, but with one little caveat: the ingredients must be top-notch.  This means no wilted spinach, old sprouty onions, tasteless tomatoes, or scraps from the bottom of your fridge.  It also means that your sauce must be flavorful and - preferably - home-made.

When it comes to the perfect pizza, I've done several posts on making your own (I'm apparently a bit of an addict), but for some reason I've completely neglected to talk about one of my favorite take-away pizza places.

Fortunately, that mistake is about to be remedied, as I lovingly dedicate the remainder of this post to the hipsters at Classic Slice in Milwaukee.

Somehow their pizza always convinces me that driving 2 hours, out-of-state, just for lunch, makes perfect sense, despite the fact that there are 10 pizza places within a stone's throw of my apartment.  Yep, I'm really that pathetic!

Pictured, below, is one of the main reasons that CH and I keep keep going back to Classic Slice: the bread sticks.  Not only are they made from the same flawless dough that's used for the pizza, but they're also covered with fresh garlic and herbs, and accompanied by a pot of tasty tomato sauce.

One of CH's favorite vegan picks, the Mediterranean, is in the photo below.  The pizza is covered with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, olive tapanade, and vegan sausage.  Notice that (1) it has no cheese, and (2) it is, nevertheless, delicious, even to my cheese-loving boyfriend!

Even though Classic Slice offers 3 vegan options, the control freak side of me leads me to the "create your own" option time and time again.  I'm a sucker for black and green olives, garlic, tomatoes, and lots and lots of nutritional yeast (see the pic below).  Extra sauce is great, too....

Now that you know my (formerly) secret vegan pizza obsession - what's yours? And don't say it's the pizza that comes from your kitchen - that's definitely cheating!


  1. I can definitely get behind a cheese-less pizza. It's like a delicious flatbread :)

  2. Oh man, those bread sticks alone look like they'd be worth a trek out there! I used to love those as a kid, but can't find a vegan option anywhere around here. So jealous!

  3. I like cheeseless pizza, too. These days I like to make my own but we have a local place called Dewey's that is my favorite - the crust, sauce, and toppings are all top-notch (and they have so many to choose from!).

  4. Whole Foods makes a pretty good cheeseless pizza in their brick oven. Mmm!

  5. I was just thinking about Milwaukee today! Not sure why, just think I might take a trip near there. Maybe I can get some pizza too! :)

  6. Oooh those slices look luscious. I love to have pineapple, red onions and bbq sauce on pizza, I think its the perfect combo.

    Making your own pizza is great, but finding a spot that serves cheeseless pizza is definitely an essential vegan survival tactic.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more, cheeseless pizza is defiantly the the way to go!! And these look so awesomely good!! Yum!

  8. Hey JD,

    Denny's it going???

    I always have room in my tummy for a slice of cheeseless pizza! Gimme!

  9. hellurrrr, your blog is so great! and yes! I love cheeseless pizza.

    Amy :)


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