Monday, October 03, 2011

VeganMoFo: Monday's VeganMoFo Round-Up Volume I

So, we're only two/three-ish days into VeganMoFo at this point, which means that there's absolutely nothing worth rounding up. Right?

Oh, so wrong.

There have already been A TON of amazing MoFo posts, which actually means that it's entirely unfair of me to pick just five of my favorites, seeing as there's no way that I could have read them all, and considering the fact that they're all great, simply because they're vegan, and... well, you get the picture.

Regardless, I humbly present to you...

Monday's VeganMoFo Round-Up Volume I:
  1. Since I think we can all agree that vegan pizza montages are pretty much perfect, and that vegan activism - by way of food, especially - is pretty great, I'm gladly sharing Kelly's Vegan Pizza Takes Over the World post, via the Bitch blog.
  2. Honestly, I adore adding "weird" stuff to smoothies, especially since I believe it's a true sign of vegan-ness.  As a result, I loved Carrie On Vegan's Anti-Cancer Green Smoothie post.  I mean, broccoli in a smoothie? Who would've thought?
  3. Another thing that I adore is sneaking a peek at the contents of other people's refrigerators.  And because I can't always be there to do it in person, the occasional bit of virtual voyeurism will have to do. That's why I'm linking to Libra Loves' Stock Up for VeganMoFo post. I dare you not to look.  
  4. True, I might be a little biased, but when I discovered that this veggie potpie recipe didn't contain any meat substitutes (eek!) or mushrooms (ick!), the first thing I thought was "best recipe ever!" Brought to you (and me) by Kristin's Kitchen of Vegan Creations
  5. And last, but certainly not least, I wanted to share this awesome "Life-Hacking Tip/Trick" video post from the Unhealthy Vegan blog. After you check it out, I promise you'll never look at a 30-clove, garlic soup recipe in the same way again!
I hope you enjoyed my VeganMoFo round up for this week! Let me know if there were any posts that you think I should've looked at - especially if they involve illicit refrigerator-contents photos. Oooo...


  1. Thank for the roundup! The pizza post is great & I love to see inside peoples fridges!


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